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"There is a strong feeling of happiness and contentment at Serenity at Larkspur, as the name implies. From my first contact with my Leasing Agent Christian, I was taken in by the first class, modern renovations in my apartment that reflect the high level of dedication of the management to staff to provide comfort, convenience and beauty at Serenity Apartments. I love living at Serenity apartments where my desire for a rich and friendly living experience is realized every day."
- Ms. Turino, Resident

"I would like to take a moment…to tell you how pleased I have been at the responsiveness of management since you have come on board. I have seen many physical improvements around the property, as well as found my issues to be resolved far more quickly without issue. It is a breath of fresh air after having a property manager who seemed to do little more than make excuses for why something wasn't done. I thank you for what you have done for us in such a short time! Thank you again for all you do!"
- K. Lauborough, Resident


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"Serenity at Larkspur is a great place to live. The management staff is very attentive and quick to respond. The neighbors are respectful and pleasant. Having a well maintained dog park adjacent is a bonus. It is very nice to be a part of this community."
- Kristen C., Resident

"I have lived at Serenity at Larkspur for many years - seven to be exact. Serenity at Larkspur has been such a great place to live. I have made friends, feel a real sense of community and know that the leasing office really cares about me as a person. Whenever I walk into the leasing office I feel like I am visiting friends. If you have a dog, Larkspur is the place for you. They are great with the tenants and their animal friends. At the end of a hard day of work, you have a beautiful place to come home to with beautiful views of Mount Tamalpais. I know I am home here at Serenity at Larkspur. I would never think to live anywhere else!"
- Galia G., Resident for 7 years










"I've been a happy tenant at Serenity at Larkspur for over eight years and expect to spend many more here! Among the many pluses of living at Serenity at Larkspur are (1)the extremely capable and friendly office staff who make every effort to ensure tenant satisfaction, (2)the park in the middle of the complex that makes the facility "dog heaven" and (3) the proximity and ease of access to glorious San Francisco. Come join us!"
- Richard C., Resident

"Serenity at Larkspur is a wonderful place to live with great neighbors who are always eager to help. Not only is a great place if you have a dog, but you can't beat the location. You can walk to so many restaurants, stores, and the ferry. The office staff is friendly and efficient, always there for you when you need them. I had live here before and loved it so much I came back as soon as we were back in the area. I wouldn't live anywhere else and would say Serenity at Larkspur is the perfect place to call home."
- Louella R., Resident

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"I wanted to thank you making it possible for me to move into one of the newly renovated Serenity at Larkspur apartments. The views are absolutely breathtaking from my porch and bedroom, now that the outside areas and deck have been rebuilt. The enlarged field of view from the porch is now truly panoramic. Serenity at Larkspur has also created a greater sense of community by removing the walled-in look of the porches and architecting a more open landscape where you can get a measure of the entire property from your deck. I am also thrilled with the new roof; my top floor apartment stays relatively cool, even on hot days. Last week it was 99 degrees one day, and the heat barely registered in my apartment. Again, this is a game-changer of an upgrade. Plus I love my washer and dryer and the new kitchen w/its spaciousness and modern stainless steel appliances have really made a big difference in improving the quality of my living space. Maintenance requests have also been handled in a way that makes it seems more like a concierge service. Requests are routinely fulfilled on the same day, many times w/in hours of making them. No doubt, the increasing number of high quality renovated units on-line has benefitted the entire community by making this type of service level feasible. Having been a resident here for ten years, the new Serenity at Larkspur is a sea change and a dramatic enhancement in the quality of life here. You have done a tremendous job navigating the community through this somewhat arduous and challenging transition. I am really looking forward to the new clubhouse and redevelopment of the decked parking areas. I am sure you have a lot more great things in store for us as you continue to improve the community. "
- Richard B., Resident

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